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Hi, come and join us in the largest organisation in the world that is just for girls. It's fun and adventurous, you also get to learn loads of new things. It's a time, where daily pressures can be put aside and girls can focus on being girls!

If you would like to join us (or are not quite old enough so would like to be put on our waiting list), phone our leader Tiger on 01903 248597, or send a message: simply click on "Contact Guider" on the menu but please make sure you specify a return e-mail address if you would like a reply, as messages sent through forms on the website are anonymous!

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This is what some of our Guides and parents have to say about Guiding at 4th Goring:


Hazel ( a Young Leader aged 15) "Guiding has taught me many life skills as well as giving me loads of new experiences and meeting new friends. Guiding has made me more confident."


Kate (a Young Leader aged 17) "I enjoy meeting new people at Guides, being choosen by region to go to Thailand with Guides and the bivvy night were experiences so different to anything I have ever done before, I feel it has helped me grow as a person"

Mrs Ashton (A parent - aged over 21!)"It has given excellent opportunities to both my girls, increased their independence, confidence and made them both more self sufficient and responsible"

Mrs Jupp (A parent also over 21!)"I feel that the Guides have enabled both my daughters to be self sufficient, capable, confident and more willing "to have a go " without hesitation, it has helped them find their assets, my younger daughter is now an experienced leader which I don't think she would have been, they have also had so many opportunities from glass painting to wiring plugs"

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